Monday, January 30, 2012

Slow start I hope that this is not a sign of things to come.

So today marks day one of my blog.  I didn't expect to get much traffic today but I see that my page got 15 views.  So I must say I was a little surprised to see that many and to those who looked THANK YOU.

I am a little nervous about the poll on the 30 Day Challenge.  I peeked at the results so far and I see that two of the ones that I DIDN'T want to do are in the lead. 

You may be wondering how I chose the challenges.  What I did was I went to a few websites about this 30 day challenge and I took some of the list that were made and compiled a list that I printed off.  After that I drew four items and I listed them.  So it is for the most part random. 

I did however talk to my parents about the challenges and they gave me there impute.  One of my parents we will call Slots didn't think that I would take this serious and cheat on the challenges.  I assure you that I am doing this to better myself and to find out something about myself.  I promise all of you that are reading this that I will be as honest as I can in following through with all of this.  I have a feeling that my other parent Bingo thinks this is a game to me.  I think Bingo thinks that I am doing this as a hobby or to get attention.  I don't think they realize I am not doing this for attention I am doing this as an act of discovery and for fun really.

Baby girl (my other half) seems to be in this with me although we haven't talked much about it I can tell she is going to back me up.  I wonder what she thinks about why I am doing this. I wonder if she will be able to handle the changes that are bound to happen when something like this is taken on.  Time will only tell.

I have to share something personal with all of you.  Today Bam Bam (my son) said something that was so funny.  I came home and he wanted to ride in the truck bed while I drove him around the block but I told him that I couldn't because there was dog poop in the back (don't ask).  He was not happy with that response so I told him that I would clean it so he could take a ride.  As I was doing this with Bam Bam watching Ballerina (my daughter) comes around the corner to find Bam Bam telling her
"Hey whoh whoh whoh you cant come over here this is mans work going on here!"  I thought is was funny.

Note to self cleaning dog poop is Mans work in my sons eyes......I wonder whats woman's work, and where in the hell did he get that????

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  1. I'm voting for polyphasic sleep because I think that might be good for me but I want to use you as a guinea pig first