Thursday, February 2, 2012

Correction to this months poll!!!!

First off all of you that have viewed my blog today thank you.  Its only 10:45 am and I have already received 23 views for the day.  To me that is amazing and it shows that I do have all of your support.  Thank you again.

Now for the POLL its is suppose to read:  Read the ENTIRE Bible in 30 days not just read it.  That isn't much of an accomplishment at all if I just read it and don't finish.  So if that is the challenge that wins I will read the WHOLE bible old and new in 30 days.

Day two update!!!!!  So that I don't drink any caffeine I found myself drinking a lot of water to curb the urge.....yeah I woke up like 6 times last night to pee.   This is going to take a toll on my sleep as well.  I hope tonight goes better.

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