Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Long Day....I wonder if it was all worth it.

So today was a rought one all around.  First I didnt get to sleep at all last night and then I had  to help Kansas move into her new place.  I dont know how I feel about that.  In a sence I am happy but on the other hand I am worried.  Its not like she is having to do this on her own actions.  She is having to rip my kids from a comfortable home because of a choice that she has made.  My kids are in the cross fire becuase of the things she has done.  I am not happy about any of this.  I try to remain optimistic but my worries outweight my logic I dont know what to do.

As far as the challenge its been tough espicially today.  I had little sleep but I staied away from energy drinks and things like that.  Its hard to break habbits buts even more hard to not have the comfort food that I am use to becuase of this.  With all of the things that have been going on I wish I could sit down to some comfort food but that is what this is all about, testing my limits and my drive.  It is tough but I know that I can push though this.

What do I do with myself when so many things are going wrong and right and uncertain.  I want to cry but how can I when I am so blessed. I have people who love me, but I am so scarde that people will hurt me I cant confide in them my fears.  All of you that read this family and non family are a comfort to me.  I dont write for sympathy I write as an outlet.  Thank you for reading


  1. Stay strong bro.

    And, I've tagged you, yay! If you don't do it a horde of flying monkeys will track you down and tickle you for an hour straight in front of your friends and family (the social ridicule of this will be unbearable)And, they'll take all of your money. Here's the link

  2. Wow...everything will work out for the best...it always does.

  3. Time will help you get through this and pretty much everything in your life. Some times time is on our side. By the way you should fix your layout a bit. It's not easy to read.